And as you navigate uncertain terrain, you need a guide. A future state that you can aim towards. The Health Check is an opportunity for you to reflect on the health of your organisations leadership practices.  

And if you are brave, ask your peers to give you their input too. (The tool will facilitate that for you!).

Their feedback will either confirm your assessment or give you talking points to explore the different opinions.
Leading an organization takes courage and determination.
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What you will get:
  1. Human guidance to set up your profile and access the 24 questions that benchmark your organisations practices against best in class
  2. Opportunity to gain insights from others in your team
  3. Integrated report & debrief with a specialist

With these insights you will be able to prioritise what needs the most urgent attention & take informed decisions around what to ignore, put on the back-burner or deprioritise.

Example Questions:
1. As a company we have a clear purpose, vision, and strategy which is well articulated to employees
2. Our managers at all levels know what the short term and medium term strategy is and how we are tracking against this
3. Our managers at all levels know how we are performing against our objectives both financial and otherwise
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What you will get:

  1. Access to set up the tool for yourself
  2. Complete the 24 question organisational evaluation
  3. Invite your peers to give their input
  4. Opportunity to schedule a time to discuss your report with a specialist

The report and discussion will help you to make informed decisions about what needs attention in  your organisation in order to build and maintain a healthy management team to lead your organisation.